Love is


Love takes risk

It isn’t afraid of failure 

It isn’t afraid of rejection or humiliation 

Love is bold

It says what’s on its heart

Love knows no bounds, has no limitations

There is no fear in love

There is no loss in love

You can’t lose from loving, you can only gain 

Heartache is our hunger for eternity where nothing begins or ends

Love is not logical 

It’s not mathematical. It cannot be explained or computed, measured or transacted. 

Love is illogical. It can’t be explained or understood by the mind but can only be felt with the heart. 

It crosses boundaries, institutions, organizations, structures, age limits, racial boundaries, and is often offensive. 

Our heart wants what it wants because we are searching for wholeness, we are searching to love beyond our humanity. 

Deep down we just want to be loved for who we are.

We suppress our desires because it seems wrong, but our hearts long in secret for that wild and passionate love. 

We don’t want the safe love, the clear cut, dry and boring love. We don’t want routine and if we long for safety and security we often get bored.

Life is much more than Netflix and chill. Life is much more than sitting on a couch and being numb. We are looking for adventure, a love that hurls us outside our comfort zone, that puts our hearts on the line. 

We are not looking for more rules to tell us how to love, we are looking for rule breaking love. 

Why do we keep loving when we know it won’t go anywhere, because we long for an eternal love…deep down we know heaven exists and that love is supposed to be eternal. 

People cross paths to experience this eternal and unconditional love. God has a way of expressing His love through and to people. 

Marriage sometimes ends in divorce because one or both have clung onto a safe love, unable and unwilling to be vulnerable, hoping the other would go first….hoping that you don’t have to be vulnerable first, to let down your pride, to say I need help, I’m not well, I’m scared to love.

Be the first to love, be the first to say what’s on your mind. This applies to any types of relationship. When we let our guards down, we allow love in.

We think that if we just play it safe and settle for a safe love we won’t get hurt, but the truth is our hearts will hurt from not being alive.

We think that if we just psycho-analyze every mistake we’ve ever made in love that we will never feel the pain of loving, but that just results in a dull love.

God’s love for us is vibrant. It is not a stale love, it climbs the highest mountains and faces the biggest humiliations. It has no fear in love.

Love isn’t about right  wrong but it is an expression of our hearts’ desire to be known and loved for who we are.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world.