Paul- Shipwrecked Experiences

I’m so tired I want to cry.

I just went through a similar Paul-shipwrecked experience. How I could have missed the dates, I don’t know. I booked the wrong dates. Instead of February I booked March and the whole city was fully booked.

A receptionist from Nepal in a hotel finally made an exception. He gave me the room that they usually hold onto in case of emergency. He had already rejected several guests.

God is a God of exception. His favor will find exceptions for you. Or He will provide more for the losses.

I slept at 4am after walking around the city at 3am trying to find a place to stay. I felt a lot of fear and lack waking up in the morning. There’s something real about not knowing where you are going to stay at night. It’s petrifying, scary. Even though I said out loud LORD MAKE A WAY, my heart was tense.

I met 5 drunk teenagers when I asked where I could stay and ended up laying hands on them, prophesying over them as I smelled their drunk pores. Sweet and helpful kids. It was a little too real.

I am currently in Auckland, New Zealand.

Prayers are much needed.

And of course finances as well.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world.