The Discomforts of Being A Pioneer


I’ve been living out of a suitcase since July and now I’ve downsized to a smaller carry on.

If I’m honest with you being a pioneer is uncomfortable

If I’m honest with you it’s scary, overwhelming, sometimes I find myself completely feeling lost, like a rat not knowing which way to go in a huge maze.

But that’s what God called Abraham to do- leave your father’s house and GO to a land I will show you.

I had several instances in my life where God called me to just leave the known to follow Him.

Actually my life has been just that- always leaving the comfortable for the uncomfortable.

God will give me some kind of comfort and then say – leave this comfort, leave this wilderness for a more abundant land. Leave this but now you have to confront the giants of fear, discomfort, people’s disapproval, intimidation of the enemy, the discomfort of not having anything familiar.

Your friends change, in fact, you often feel utterly alone…because God doesn’t want you to depend on what you found stability in but on Him alone.

So people will ask me how long will I be here? I don’t know.

I will leave when God tells me to, when my mission is done in this location, when I’ve reached the person He has told me to climb mountains for.

I will leave when I no longer feel darkness oppressing the people here. I will leave when I’ve summoned the angels to destroy satanic strongholds.

And I’ll go not knowing. Every time.

It is uncomfortable because you can’t control where you stay, what traffic noise is outside, you’re uncomfortable because you can’t control what kind of shower or bathrooms you use….you are not in control.

And it is frustrating but I feel my heart say- not my will but yours.

I might not understand what you’re always doing but I trust you.

I might not know how you will provide but I trust you.

I might not have friends that understand the struggle of not knowing but I trust you.

I let go and surrender.

I am yours God.

I will not hold back, I’ll utterly trust you.