The True Meaning of Life

IMG_0469Sometimes in the waiting we question God’s love for us.

It’s like when a toddler wants to cross the street but the father pulls her back because there are cars coming.
Sometimes we will be able to go but there are times we have to wait for the green light.

Our lives are a series of green and red lights but often than not, we are often standing at the red light wondering how we ended up there.

God says to me “I want you to turn to me during the red light because life isn’t about going anywhere specific but walking with me. I don’t want you to run ahead without me. I want you to be in relationship with me because that is where true love, satisfaction, fulfillment is, it’s all in me…it’s not in a career, a relationship with others, in attaining material goods, in fame….it’s in me”.

“Even in the green light, always walk with me”.

“I don’t want you to be so busy chasing what you think will give you happiness that you forget the only One that can give you true happiness”.

“If you’d just look to me, I will give you the world. I’ll give you every desire of your heart and more.

I want my children to delight in me. Intimacy with me is the only thing that will give you true fulfillment and true happiness”.