My New Goals Don’t Involve Achieving Anything


A few months ago I filmed two tv shows, one day I was the star and then I descended to earth and was just like anyone else, alien turned human roaming Paris for a bite. No one recognized me, I was normal again.

I was also on a competition show and only one person would win. Many and most went home slighly or largely disappointed. But then some maybe found that winning was not so much about achieving the goal, but loving the process and the people surrounding the journey. 

Some cried, somewanted to use the prize money to save a whole country, save the poor, send their mother to Japan, some wanted to start a fashion line, still, it made me realize how much we uphold expectations that we think are the answers to our happiness.

And we ask “what’s next?”

We rarely savor being, we rarely savor the moment.

Because we have these milestones we uphold, career advancement, getting the dream guy, getting married, having kids….we register for gift registries waiting for others to congratulate us, you made it!

We often get there and ask now what?

Which is why I want to start a revolution…its called….being.

So if you ask me what my goal is, for this year, for the rest of my life is?

I would answer “to be”.

Sounds vague. Well, I just want to breathe in every moment, to be present, and out of that space of being enough, accepted, loved, live. Whatever living looks like.

And I will create, not achieve, Ill express, like I am doing now, not achieving, because achieving is objective, it is based on peoples’ opinion.

I would also say “to live fully out of my heart”.


That to me is worth it all.

So no more lists of making a certain amount of income, no more lists of what i want to achieve, where I want to go, how many new friends I want….no more figuring out what I want because when you live out of being, you naturally attract the right things. 

1. Our egos always seek to prove our worth thus we achieve, looking for approval, hoping someone will say I love you.

2. The way of being is love. If you are pure love, then you lack nothing.