True success is…

I woke up with this epiphany, true success is loving and accepting yourself wherever you are in life. 

Most people already do a really good job of condemning themselves. Last night I went out to dance with my Dutch friends. We went to this street restaurant and this lady, in an effort to tell me that I’m sitting on the wrong chair, tapped my shoulders and straight up pull the chair from under me so I fell on the floor.

I was pissed. 

There’s no boundaries in Southeast Asia, a sense of personal space…I don’t like it. But as we started dancing I felt everything fall off.

I’ve been fighting, struggling, crying, feeling confused, waiting. 

I should be excited everyday because I’m traveling right? No, I’m going through a fair amount of heart stuff. 

But I feel a part of me finally embrace myself “it’s ok to not know, to not have things figured out, to be confused, to fall apart” but to walk forward bravely. 

Even scared. 

To dance, to cry, to be in pain, those are necessary for me to process life. 

Even though I don’t give a shit what people think, I finally don’t care what I think. 

We are usually our toughest critic, and I choose to say goodbye to the critic in me. Bye!!! Controlling spirit, parent, I’ve grown up. 

I’ll be my best supporter.

I caught this moment when the kid in the hostel poked my friend in the neck. Vietnam. 


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