How Teaching Yoga & Meditation Has Helped To Build Community

I’m a community advocate & leader. I believe in building community WHEREVER I am. Los Angeles can isolate people pretty easily, especially since our meet-ups and hang outs are predestined by TRAFFIC hours, between 7-10am or 3:30-6:30pm. Forget about driving anywhere. I have mastered LA traffic as you can see. I live 25 miles away from my closest friends but that doesn’t stop me from seeing them.

However, due to scheduling and busy lives, it is EASY not to see someone for 6 months or even a year….sometimes even a few years. It might sound ridiculous for some non-LA folks, but in a city, people tend to be pre-occupied. 

When I first started teaching my Yoga and Meditation class, my goal was to bring people together and cultivate a culture of peace and relaxation. I also wanted to build a culture of being instead of doing. As an entrepreneur, I found that when I breathed and slowed down, I was able to focus better. When I took days off to get away, I was able to create space for growth and inspiration. 

THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF PUSH, PUSH, PUSH until something gives in to you…that’s masculine energy, we’ve been taught that our WHOLE lives. Don’t get me wrong, the only reason I am writing this is because I have very aggressive and go – getter attitude. I get THINGS DONE. 

Teaching Yoga and Meditation and seeing the same people, new people every week has helped me to link up with my friends and new friends. We’re not the type of class that says…”goodbye see you next week” – some of us hang out after class. I’ve become friends with all of my students. They’re not really my students, they’re my colleagues in this universe of growth and learning. That’s why it’s different….it’s about an inner transformation, not just about trying to do poses that look impressive. 

I hope you’ll join us this THURSDAY for our Yoga and Meditation Class & Party! 

Yogaparty .jpg


Your Entrepreneur,

Rebekka Lien 


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