No Risk, No Reward


For some reason, I think I have written about this already….but no risk, no reward.

In life, you have to try things. The faster you can try and fail, the better. You’ll become a tiger or maybe a lady hawk like me.

3 years ago, I started selling jewelry after watching Australian vendors sell feather earrings on the street. It sparked an idea in me to do the same. I was selling jewelry out of a wine box. 

I started from humble beginnings but I had a big dream to become like Donald Trump, Oprah, Tony Robbins, to be bigger than my circumstances. I envisioned myself as the most prominent women spokesperson in the world. I know, that’s a bit crazy to think about. It might have been crazy two years ago when I was crying and wondering how I would pay my bills. To be honest, bills never dissipate…bills will increase as your responsibilities increase. However, as an entrepreneur, you learn better and faster ways to make money. You find multiple streams of income based all on your dreams and visions.

A month ago, I was scared to try something I had been brewing in my mind for 4 months. I had previously taught yoga, but wanted to incorporate the life coaching aspect. I envisioned people getting healed emotionally and spiritually from their day to day stressful lives. One day, my mind was so obsessed over this idea that I just went “f#%@ it, I have to do this!” I then designed the flier myself, created an eventbrite, and started promoting the class. I named it Yoga and Meditation class. As the beginnings of the class was soon approaching, I started getting nervous about the number of sign ups. I was fearful that I would not make money off of it. But something in me reminded me…why are you doing this class? I was reminded that the reason I had a desire to teach this class was to help people. 

I know that my deepest desire is to change people lives, because somehow it makes me feel like I have a purpose on this earth.

Before the class began, a few people dropped out and I was very discouraged. Again, I was reminded…who are you doing this for? I knew that I was ultimately doing for a higher purpose, that if no one showed up, I would be okay. I could still pat myself in the back and say “wow woman, I am so proud of you because you took the risk even though it was scary”.

At the end of the day, you spend the most time with yourself, you have got to love yourself as much as you can….and know that you have nothing to prove, you’re loved just as you are. 

In that moment, I found that I could breathe and be in the present. 

Now, I breathe deeper,

sing louder, 

dance weirder.

Now, I know I have nothing to prove

but to be my loudest and most obnoxious self

and sometimes be the silent thinker that I am.

At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror 

“I am so F***ing proud of you”

and be truthfully and most authentically me.

That I can show the world I am a professional

but I am also authentically real. 

That I tend to bump into clients when I am dancing. 



Quotable: “Our career is not a means of making money only, it is the fullest expression of our love for people.”- Rebekka Lien 


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