Rey Aquino- The Next Edgy Menswear of This Generation (Rude Boys and English Gents)

Fall/Winter Collection called “Rude Boys and English Gents”.

I had the opportunity to interview Rey Aquino regarding his design background and his views on leadership. He is an amazing and talented fashion designer- take a look at his website!

1. How did you get into the fashion business? Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer?

I started designing one of a kind garments specializing in men’s jackets and had local musicians wear them on stage. People in the audience began to notice and ask the musicians where did you get that jacket? I had such a great response that when I decided to take fashion seriously.

I always had fashion in the back of my head but put it aside to become a graphic designer. After years of doing graphic design and took it as far as I can go. I wanted to do something different and decided to do my other passion which is fashion.

2. What qualities do you look for in people that you hire?

Number one in my list is great work ethics and someone that I can depend on. Always on top of things, prompt and full of energy. Along with technical skills as well as creativity.

3. Do you consider yourself a leader? How do you lead in your business?

I don’t consider myself as a leader for I have a business partner in which we both lead on all aspects of the business. I would consider myself as a builder if anything.

4. What do you think are the top qualities to be an entrepreneur and fashion designer?

Passion, smarts, energy, balance, knows branding and marketing, creativity, outgoing personality, knows what they want and knows how to get it, persistent, and wise.

5. What are the biggest challenge of being in the fashion industry?  What are the best rewards about being in the fashion industry?

Biggest challenge is finding the right manufacturer that you can depend on and trust, especially if you’re making garments domestically. Seeing your garments being worn by the public. Meeting and learning different people from the fashion industry. Knowing that you put your heart and soul to a collection and finally releasing it to the public to see on the runway and stores,
gives me such a rush.

6. For you personally, how do you scout talent in the fashion industry? How do you differentiate one person from another?

Knowledgeable about the industry both technically and creatively. Experience is a must, but if I see a talented person that is self taught and never went to school for fashion. That shows great potential in skills they developed on their own like sewing
and pattern making. I would give this person a chance to work for me. When I’m interviewing people I can tell just by hearing them talk how passionate and dedicated they are to their talents and skills.


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