Breath on Glass

Breath on Glass
all of the time it’s speeding up
where have you gone my labor of love?
i carried you up the top of the hill
i laid you down, i laid you down

if i’m acting strange write it down for the weak in faith
oh how, oh how my hands they shake
like breath on glass, i’m fading fast
like breath on glass we fade

boy, can’t you see that i’ll lay you down?
cos i want a name and i want it now
i’m desperate as a house with no ghosts
looking for love looking for home…

If I was cube, what would I look like? a house with no ghost?

But maybe I’m not just a cube. But a tree that grows, providing shelter for those lost and can’t find their home. Bearing fruit for the hungry.

1.5 more weeks of school. look a here, everytime i weep, my tears are made into jewels, stored into jars, sprinkled and shared with all. Cold is approaching, I want to snuggle in my bed forever and not get up. The days are dark and moody. I want chocolate and hot tea. I can feel my emotions firing up, it’s as if I am waiting for disaster. I’m playing music notes, hearing melodies. It’s only a picture book, life goes on. It’s not a waste of time, but my cup is half full, not half empty. The grass is green where I’m standing. Where you are, we water together, waiting for lights to turn on. Like two people on an island. I’m just another human being. Travel with me, let’s drive to neverland, gaze at the colors that surround the doors of our hearts.


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