Long Time No Poet

He walked passed the crowd, his heart wrenched a new

I stood, unable to move, pursing my lip in frustration.

It’s all a dream. Crowding, clouding.

Drumming to the beat of express style.

Our laughters a resonating sound, echoing. I can but feel

a premonition of what is to be. I am one person.

Full and fighting. Rebellious and Loud. I am two persons. The transparent papers, sliding against each other.

Fitting, trying to fit. Screaming in anguish. Why can’t they just accept me? I am not a typical fruit. I look like this: spikes and gentleness. Bold colors of red and green, orange and yellow, I scream with unique. I scream with polka dots, lines, and basses of loud yet serene waters. I well with waters of tears because I am pang.

A pang of compassion. A pang of life. A pang of real, raw authentic human poetry. I relate, I cry, I smile.

I am one with them. I stoop myself low, wanting to relate.

The pharisees look at me with their condemning eye.

You shouldn’t, wouldn’t, you did?

And now, all I can do is run run run towards the goal my Love has set before me.

This is what I see: suicidal eyes, sad faces, sars masks in a goth club, girls deprived of love, boys deprived of attention, old and young, red and green hairs, its all a mess. I’m dancing to the lime light, me and my friends, and we feel the spirit pervading, spreading like a disease, a good one, spreading light and hope.

Light and hope. So I look like a unique fruit, but i keep growing and bearing fruit. Each one is unique. He is purple with fuzzy peach. She is not round, but oval shaped. She has tulle as fabric. He has music notes and spikes written across. It’s all a game to them Pharisees. What are you up to? I can’t help but laugh, and then I cry a little.

These are the people my heart breaks for. THESE are the people my tears run over for. Void of love, void of truth. It’s in me, It’s in me. Let me loose, let me loose. It’s in me. Don’t you understand that these fruits are so special, so unique, each one of them. We are not made to look and act the same. I was not taught to live like a robot. We scrap off that facade having captured and being bonded.

I am set free. I am set free. You are set free. You are set free. I give you permission to be who you are. Who God has created you to be. I give you affirmation- I send you forth. Go dance with those that your heart breaks for, go drink in fury and joy, go enjoy and struggle together. For I have IT in my heart. And I am not afraid to go forth, delving within the empty glasses, getting scraped, bleeding at times, broken thorns cutting me. I am not afraid for the Lord is with me. Amen.

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