Double Cheese Please!

Double duty. Work and School is definitely not easy, it is difficult as hell on earth.

My back hurts, my brain hurts, and I can’t sit straight, I’m like a worn out little grandma.

On another note, I really like working and building friendships. I can say, I will forever hate Christmas trees, due to the dust and stupid little lights that I have to change for like 8 hours. The palm trees I have to dust and smell in millions and billions of dust particles into my nostrils, which eventually produces allergies and sickness that is forever bothersome.

Highlight? Feeling like I have more hours in a day, for some reason, I realize how stretched I can be. So what the heck did I do and waste away my time when I had nothing to do? I can’t remember. The only thing that’s sad is not being able to hang out with friends more. Like staying up late? Nope. I got work tomorrow or I got homework. I’m a nerd, I’m a disciplined nerd that likes to party sometimes. I play hard and study and work hard. I’m not a in between sort of person. Another thing I learned about myself- I hate it when people think they can make fun of me and think that I”M OKAY WITH IT just because at first I laugh along. I’m so annoyed that I just shut my mouth and enjoy the humdrum of silence after their bombastic jokes that makes no sense and is an irritation to my ears. Like really? Can you not see that I’m annoyed?

I guess love means. Being patient with those that are unloveable. Giving what they do not deserve – silence instead of hollaring.

Tomorrow I get to wake up early and enjoy going home early too. There really are more hours in a day, but when will I start my homework? I want to read my book too…Oh GOD I am in need of YO HELP.

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