Foggy Future, Clear Best Friends

Foggy Future, Clear Best Friends

It is the story of unknown steps. Risk untaken, friends unmade.

Life, change, step or die.

I see them gathered, hunched over, in a safe little bubble, untainted by hurt, suffering, and confusion.

Yet I, outside the bubble, enjoy the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Chose to walk the path that was not there.

Playing weird melodies, strange harmonies in a foreign land. Floating in air, piano in air, cello strings plucked out.

Dancing to the stars, my tears fell off my face, watering the plants below.

Then I saw. My eyes wide open, a reflection of you swirling, skipping.

You. You were adventure.

You took me to new places, new smells, new mixture of colors, bouncing off, dripping into the remains of my memories.

You introduced me to new challenges. Stumbling, bleeding at times. These rocks jagged and raw.

Got some slaps in the face. Bruises of red and green.

Suddenly, I saw a hand reach out to me. I looked up- it was You.

You were new best friends. You gave me a hug, said hello. We were off, hand in hand, eating cookies, ice cream, and french delicacies. Hello you. I welcome you. Though I was hurt, you said, “it’s okay, I’ll be here”. Exactly, that’s just perfect! Then, I sighed. If only everyone can experience this. No no no. I shook my head in anticipation of rejection and misunderstanding. They would not understand.

Life. Is up to you. Take the chance, take the step, of faith. In the unknown, the foreign land of change, we will bump into our new best friend in the fog. Those wounds, those tears from jumping off the cliff into the unknown will be all worth it. So I did, I met you this summer. And homeless-ness, cold aggravations, they seem like distant lands I once treaded. Feel it with my own heart- this warmth.


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