Hope In The City Photo Shoot


A picture from the photo shoot in April from Solace Arts.

Link For Facebook Album: Fashion Show Pictures

TONIGHT WAS SO OOFFFF THE HOOK.  Seriously, I realize that success, to me- is enjoying life, enjoying what  you love to do and enjoying with your loved ones.  Because without all my friends and family, that were there with me through the tough times of life (and happy times), life wouldn’t be what it is to me now.  LIFE is so amazing, I seriously thank God.  More than the success of making it big or making money, I am SO WEALTHY IN LOVE.  I AM SO WEALTHY to have loved ones, to have supporters rooting for me every step of the way.  Thinking about it makes me cry.  If I was to be a famous designer and have no one to cry and laugh with- what am I but a poor person?  Yes, I am so wealthy.

Thank you all for making tonight what it was.  Sometimes I wish the euphoria can last forever, in my mind, I think that’s what heaven will be like.  Lots of dancing, wooting, laughing, rejoicing….of course minus the heat and sweating (dang was it hot tonight).  Nope, no clouds and angels and harp, but off the hook music, raving and partaying!   And just lots of love.

Thank you all friends and family, models, designers, and staffers 🙂  Tonight I will sleep soundly praying for ya’ll to have joy forever.  Lots of pictures to come- I will probably upload them on Facebook first!


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