Whatever Is To Come Is Already There

Hi Friends!

Another day, another 101 items posted on my moving sale website! I hope you will find something you like- I’ll hand write you a special note when you order something!

I have finally cleared out most of my stuff and am simply awaiting the arrival of my perfect 1 bedroom studio. Yes, I have looked, with much vigour and passion, but to no avail. This leads me to believe that the perfect PLACE is not even listed yet! Because I, my friend, have faith that the perfect place for my next season of life IS ALREADY THERE. Somewhere, just not sure where. Yet.

That’s okay.

The more August 1 nears me, the more excited I get now! I’m not anxious anymore, because I’m excited about the perfect place. Yes, it’s 6 days away, and I have no place to go yet!

Psshhh. So Anxiety really has NO PLACE in our lives. Because the next thing, which is better, bigger, richer, healthier, happier is OUT THERE. All we have to do is listen to our hearts. Don’t let disappointment GET to you. Have faith and keep a smile on your face.

Gratefulness is the biggest weapon to fear. There is no such thing as fear when you know that the best thing is waiting for you.

Don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. Live like you ALREADY have tomorrow down.