The Unstruggling Unstarving Artist

I admit, I couldn’t sleep because for 30 minutes this fiery, common thought came to my mind “I’m 24, I’ve worked hard, how come I’m not getting paid what I’m worth?”

2:11AM- my birthday (2.11).

My thoughts suddenly ran wild, sparked by the madness of  the question-“should I get paid minimum wage to work at a boba shop, something I’ve always wanted to do (work at a boba shop- NOT get paid minimum wage)?” This question trickled into the question of “wow, I paid $50 per hour for 10 years to learn the cello and then I paid another $23,000 times 4 to go to fashion design school”. What is my return on investment- I’m not sure…being under-appreciated, underpaid?

I decided to throw off my covers and blog before my thoughts drove me mad. Suddenly my body craves the coffee I didn’t drink during the day.

Let’s do a rundown of how much an artist would spend……

1. Cello lessons- $50 for 10 years. 48 weeks times $50 -$2,400 times 10 years= $24,000

2. fashion design College tuition- $23,000 times 4 years- $92,000

Of course you have to take into account all the gas and supplies. But $116,000 estimated in my case. Thank god I was a good writer, this got my tons of scholarships.

Proverbs 31:31 says-  “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” 

I believe it’s time for artists, women to stop complaining and demand a fair wage, fair pay for their art which they have toiled and spent tremendous amount of money to develop. Thanks to a friend I recently met- he told me “I see a lot of talent in you, you need to capitalize on your strengths, you shouldn’t have to struggle”.

Nothing, nothing is impossible
No one can hold us down
We, Yeah we are unstoppable
Cause nothing is impossible
ohh ohh No nothing is impossible ohh ohh
oh nooo oh noo

If the door doesn’t open
Don’t wait use force to knock it down
Ain’t no time for mopping,
No, the moment is right now

Real talk you can touch the sky
Make no doubt about it noooo
Real talk you can sit pan high
make no doubt about it nooo
Real talk we do it for the youts, another generation
You are strong enough to meet your destiny say

Munch, Munch, Stare, Stare, One of Those Days

The man wore a knit sweater, his two kids bugging him for some tacos.
Another lady, with pulled back pitch black hair, staring into space, eating a bowl of rice and a chicken salad. Another man with a blinged out snoop doggy jacket walked with his tray. Days like these, I can hear their thoughts. Munch, munch, stare, stare- what is my life worth and what is the meaning of life?
Munch, munch, stare, stare- wow, I’m bored, I’m zoned out, or what the hell am I doing with my life.

I can hear their thoughts loud and clear in my own mind.

Sometimes it’s just way too easy to give up. Especially when you’re thinking about getting food stamps and your business is growing exponentially slow. You have great relationships, but you still feel like you’re floating.

Munch, munch, stare, stare.

Such is the rhythm of life sometimes.

Of course, after some positive energy being exchanged by my ninja friend, I am starting to munch, munch, look look. I’m going to start putting positive quotes on my graffiti wall and write daily goals on it as well. I’m looking forward to this. 🙂 You should do it too!

Yesterday I slept for 11 hours, best time of my life.