How To Look At Distractions

We Americans are taught to push, push, push until we have what we want.

Then, our lives get ROCKED. Hard. 

We feel bad in that moment, because we didn’t persevere or push on when we’re in the face of trauma. Perhaps we took a break from life and hid in our safe place. 

I believe that distractions, interferences, fights, hardship, sudden circumstances can be eye-openers to what we truly want, what we truly don’t want, and wake up calls.

These wake up calls can be:

+ A call to have fun and to relaxe, take a break, to laugh and not be so serious

+ A call to look at what has not been working & to try another method 

+ A call to examine self and not necessary the work project at hand

+ A call to be good to yourself and to love yourself 


Turning 25

Turning 25

Hey friends!
It has been a long while since I wrote to you. Since awhile back, I turned 25. Nutty right? Time sure goes by fast. But I’m not going to write anything too generic right now.

I feel extremely SUPERBLY blessed. I am thankful to the Universe, To God for my EXTREME journey. A year ago, I was on a rocky journey of finding purpose and talent in myself. I was physically skinny because I wasn’t eating much, because I was broke, and I was also emotionally and spiritually broke. I was trying to find identity and worth in my work rather than my being….but also I had allowed myself to get on THIS journey towards fulfillment and LIFE ABUNDANT.


Ask any of my friends. It was amazingly awful just thinking about how I was unable to buy even a cup of coffee and yet, the small mysteries and JOY I found in the small things.

I watched “Queen of Versailles” on Netflix today. It really reminded me of HOW we can take things for granted. The founder of Westgate, time shares….one of the BIGGEST, going from owning millions, billions, and building a Versailles 30 room estate, going into foreclosure and liquidating everything due to being late on mortgages.

Somehow money controlled their livelihood and joy.

I feel more emotionally stable than I have EVER felt in my 25 years. That is because in our suffering, we build patience, which gives the power to practice….leading to perfection of an overflowing life.

So if you are at a point in your life where you feel like…”I’m NOT THERE YET”….All of us are right there with you. Wherever you are, it’s somehow called “here”. So BE present. Stop caring about your hair and what people think about your shirt….or simply being insecure, simply BE PRESENT.

And soon enough, you’ll step into the glory that you were meant to live….even if you don’t think you are THERE yet, you are here already inside.

A year ago, I was making minimum wage teaching sewing, now I make a lot more than that….because I know my worth now.

Rebekka Lien

Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Lady & Teacher