“Go For Broke” Because In God’s Kingdom You Are Always Rich. Use Every Hand. Go All In! You Cannot Fail With God!

Whenever I meet a baby and am able to hold them I know God is giving me that nation. God is giving me America!

Wow just had a dream – I dreamed that I was asking people for donations, they were not Christians. There was one lady and behind her was a wallet, with different bills but for some reason it was stuck behind her head. Like her mind was always on it. I was scared but I asked and a guy threw some coins and it landed in my soup. Then he tried to give me a metal toy thing and I said no.

A spirit of mammon has us when we start relying on it and not God. God is setting people free from it.

When God told me to sell everything and follow Him I went all in. I gave every dollar I had and ended up not being able to pay rent for two months. Was it hard? Yes. I returned my car. My credit score went down but He asked me whose house are you building – yours or mine?

He broke off the fear of lack in a big way and now I walk by faith and not sight.

What God was doing was breaking off the spirit of mammon that had me bound. I still struggle with it sometimes but He keeps teaching me, hey I am the provider, not the money itself.

August 27, 2019

“Go for broke – use everything I’ve given you and will you not see oceans part mightily for you”.

This month use everything God gave you. Don’t think “let me save for the future”. He is calling you to step out in faith as the biggest harvest of souls is coming and finances are needed to accomplish this, so what does it look like? Sow big. God is asking believers to think higher and bigger. He is asking us to trust Him on a level that we can’t even imagine.

A principal church never teach.

They teach tithing but tithing is a law.

We are under grace.

So people who live by grace go for broke- they don’t believe in limitation, they believe in mountain moving abundance that never ceases. So they play every card, every hand. They don’t live in fear or reserve for “rainy days”.

They use everything. And then God moves. So that there is always rain.

He has been asking me to not save up for the future or to save for upcoming trips, He is saying “use it now”.

Every time we use it in faith, we give in faith – it’s a seed of belief.

When finances come in -my fleshly tendency is try to prepare for the future and think okay this must be for New York or Korea. But then He’ll say, no use it now. So I use every inch of faith and sow, I sow, give, or book the flights He wants me to book, or I use it! So I don’t try to calculate how much I’ll need for the next, I just spend for what He has for now.

God is saying “ask them to sow big as the rewards are big this time”. We are entering into an unprecedented time where we will see the different between children of God who move by faith versus religious people who just go to church every Sunday.

Because those who live by their flesh will not see the miracles I will do.

But those who live by faith will manifest mightily by grace the life I have for them.

Sow big this time. The harvest of souls is at hand. Join me in rounding up the last harvest before Jesus comes. The world is not forever, our home is heaven! The people who come with me are those who are willing to leave everything behind to follow Jesus. They will walk on water and set the sick free! They will resurrect the dead!



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This happened a few minutes after I wrote this blog post. The Lord told me to give $20 to my friend and then a few minutes after my friend sent me a donation. God wants you to trust Him with your money. Trust God, not the money.