What It Means To Trust God

It’s one thing to say “just trust God” when you’re in an environment you know and with family and friends around you, it’s another when you’re alone (with Jesus and a hosts of angels) in a foreign country, your phone broke, you are low on cash and your card stopped working.

I have been through many situations on this missionary journey of following Jesus that looked like God would not come through. There were many nights I couldn’t sleep from unknown noises, TV next door, the mosque prayers, the noises seemed to be endless.

Your back starts hurting and your feet are swollen from walking.

Sure I pray for people and give them a solution from God, I help entangle the mess people aren’t able to step out from and entangle themselves, but sometimes I ask God “how about me?”

You are free.

You are enough in Christ Jesus. I may not look like I have everything but I have everything – Jesus.

The enemy will bring situations to wear you down, and then he will say “see God must not be with you, if He was with you this wouldn’t be happening” but in those tests and trials God actually wants to solidify your faith and trust in God.

He is training you to trust Him as your Father. I believe many of us don’t see God at work because we haven’t put Him to the test, we haven’t walked out in faith.

Perhaps God has called you to leave a relationship, to leave home, to quit your job, to pursue something new and you’re afraid.

I’m not always brave.

In fact a lot of times I feel anxious, I feel like I can’t sleep and I have to battle those thoughts with prayer.

I feel exhausted physically.

Then God says “you are enough, you are not lacking, I am enough for you”.

So today as I was walking I just kept saying “I am blessed and highly favored”.

Yesterday I was so tired I kept thinking I feel like I’m dying and God said speak life! So I said okay….all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

In order to really live in grace you need to put God to the test.

If He said to quit your job, you do it trusting God is your provider.

If He told you to be a prophet missionary and travel without knowing how you will do it, you trust Him and walk in it.

I feel weaker and weaker in my flesh but stronger in the spirit. I know I cannot boast in my flesh at all, it’s God who has brought me through everything.

And that’s grace.

I cannot do anything on my own but with Christ alone.

Have you put God to the test? He will show Himself faithful. Step out in faith.

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