The Pain and Gain of Surrender

I bit my tongue. My pride was wounded. I screamed silently. There was nothing I could say to make her understand.

“It is okay that she doesn’t understand”- Jesus says to me.

I wish someone understood how hard it is to surrender, to follow Jesus into the unknown, to go and not have a backup plan, to not rely on the world’s way of provision and stability but to seek only the Kingdom.

I went to the bathroom and felt anger turn into grief.

I sobbed silently.

Following Jesus cost me everything. I could say following Jesus is easy. It’s not. It’s not easy to die to yourself. It’s not easy to follow Him when your family doesn’t understand. But surrender. Because there is nothing better than being close to Jesus. Nothing. In the pain of surrender I see Him more clearly.

To others you are crazy, but to God you are fierce.

I will trust Him into the unknown.

What if God actually doesn’t want people to approve of your decisions because then you would seek people and not God for decisions in your life. And what if people’s approval and acceptance of your life situation is actually preventing you from going for what God wants for you? I’m saying “approval” can be a curse from the devil. Approval can get you stuck. Approval from the world can be the worse thing for you. True freedom is about living your true North without anyone’s acceptance! #bexprophetic #propheticword #statusquo #unique #freedom #spirituality #decisions #lifestyle