I like being alone.

I can spend 2 weeks alone, and the few encounters with strangers. I like solitude because it clears my mind. I can hear God clearly again in the chaos of human voices.

Sometimes when I spend too much time with people, my mind starts to sound like their voice, their troubles, their worries. I have learned to set boundaries and say “I need to be alone” and “I need alone time”.

Sometimes people get offended. They take it personally. They get mad.

I don’t care. I’m good with people, people love me, but I also love myself. I need to hear my heart. I enjoy my company more than most people. I really enjoy my voice, my words, my time.

I feel confident in my identity with God. Sometimes people ask me if I’m dating yet, I have no desire right now. Sometimes I just really love netflix and chill with myself time. A cup of ramen, some fruit, cheetos.

My love language is not quality time, too much quality time makes me cranky.

So if you like being alone, don’t feel bad. Some people are just made that way. Some people like coffee shops and a book. They like small group setting, meaning +1 only.