The Secret of Dreams


This is me walking in the abandoned streets of West Oakland in Norcal. The creepy creatures in the back remind me of the naysayers…all you have to do is walk by and ignore it.

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I’m back in Los Angeles and I have a few comments to make:
After speaking at the women’s conference in Sacramento I realized that not everyone wants to dream…perhaps like in The Alchemist, people are too afraid they’ll fail so it’s better to not act on their dreams at all.

Not everyone wants to change to improve their lives.
Not everyone wants to go through heartbreak to have the love of their lives.
Not everyone wants to do anything that it takes to achieve fulfillment in their hearts and lives…
Not everyone wants to sell off everything they have to travel the world.
Not everyone.

But that doesn’t matter, because what matters is who you want to be. I vow that I will never be like the 80 year old grandmas that never want to change…because the secret of dreams is that you must be willing to change constantly, to learn constantly, to know that there is always more…and not in the insatiable way, but in the playful, childlike wonder.

I struggled with the words that people spoke against me…as a freespirit, people will often try to control me, but fail epicly.

Here are a few secrets of dreams:

1. You must search diligently

2. You must be open to learning

3. You must forsake the opinions of others, even close friends

4. You must be willing to go out of your comfort zone, be broke, live on the streets, be homeless, couchsurf, or DO SIMPLY whatever it takes….because there is no driving factor if you are so comfortable in your life. Something must fuel you, the itch, the problem, the frustration must be so big that you have TO DO SOMETHING about it. 

5. Keep negative people away at all COST!

6. Keep healthy boundaries so you have energy to nurture your heart and dreams, destiny is in your hands.


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