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I wrote MY FIRST ebook this year & am proud to share it with you!
How To Make Money Doing What You Love By Rebekka.L
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As approved by Chris Brogan, New York Best Seller! “Rebekka Lien isn’t likely a human. She’s more like a force of energy and mystical power pretending to be human. And this book is worth your time. Look past the scrappy delivery mechanism and read truths you can apply to your own life and business. Give Rebekka a chance. She’ll make it worth it.” – Chris Brogan, CEO Owner Media Group and author of The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth.
Ps- as a super ridiculously crazy offer I’m giving you a FREE 30 minute strategy coaching session for anyone who buys the book and email me! This will be conducted via phone. I will help you identify your goals and help you create 3 actionable steps to achieve them.

This is for anyone who wants to:
1. Live on your own terms- wake up anytime you want, work from anywhere and live in your higher purpose
2. Make side income doing your hobbies
3. Learn how I quit my 9-5 full time job and discovered my passions from selling jewelry to writing, teaching yoga and meditation coaching, acting, doing real estate, managing properties, speaking—etc
4. Discover your purpose and vision in life. Discover the WHY to what you do! You’ll never be the same!

This book applies to everyone! When you discover your calling by following your curiosities, you’ll unveil your greatest self and destiny!

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