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An Intimate Breakthrough Coaching Workshop with a maximum of 8 people

About 4 years ago, I was sitting at my desk at a job I hated. I have been self-employed since then and was shocked to learn that YOUR SUCCESS in life is actually related to who you are, not what you do (AND your knowledge of who you really are). My discovery in healing childhood wounds, my heart & mind TRIGGERED doors to be opened and opportunities to thrive. People CAME to me, I no longer had to chase opportunities.

As I sit here completely relaxed, I am grateful to finally be sharing everything I’ve learned to live YOUR BEST LIFE with ease and grace. Many workshops teach you how to TECHNICALLY do something, but this workshop will actually heal parts of your heart that needs to be whole in order for you to SUCCEED and BE HAPPY IN LIFE.

Do you want to magnetize every good thing, opportunities, people into your life?

This workshop is for anyone who is looking to:
1. CREATE the life you want especially in your career and relationships
2. FLOURISH and grow in every aspect of their lives
3. CLARIFY your life vision, mission and strategize for your 2015 goals
4. IDENTIFY and REMOVE what is preventing your success or what is making you feel unsuccessful
5. DEFINE who you really are and LIVE in your FULLEST potential.
6. LEARN DAILY Practical exercises to STRENGTHEN your soul, spirit and mind.
7. TAKE ACTION steps which you need to take in order to thrive in 2015
8. GROW your business, thrive in your relationship (or open yourself up to finding a partner) or gain spiritual and emotional peace, awareness.

1. Reprogram YOUR mind for success
2. Healing past wounds which keep you from your highest purpose
3. Learn powerful tools to navigate your 2015 with power and success
4. Light Yoga and Meditation exercises to heal and receive all the goodness in life
5. Prosper with Ease and Grace – ATTRACT every good thing to yourself
6. Vision Boarding and Strategizing

May the people who need this equipping come and courageously sign up for your healing, prosperity and success in every area of your life!

Workshop Fee Covers:
1. All Coaching Materials- Exclusive workbook
2. Vision Board Materials
3. Lunch & Refreshments

Your investment in yourself will reap 1000 folds.
Course Fee: $350
Early Bird Before December 20: $295

Student Early Bird: $175 before December 20 



13 Days of Meditation- Day 8- A Sign of Age is Growth, Not Age Itself

Don’t let others look down on you because of your age.

Show them through love, experience, growth, wisdom and love that you are who you are.

People can say they are a certain age, but it does not mean they grew from their age-old experiences. 

While, someone who is 18 could be 100 years old in spirit because they chose to learn valuable lessons from their 18 years on earth.

Keep learning, keep thirsting for more in life because that is what signifies true growth.

I will keep today short since I have to go to a real estate training early in the morning. I wrote this blog entry because people are often shocked when they hear me speak at events. They are shocked that I am so wise for my age. Like I said, if you don’t learn from your experiences, then those years of experiences mean nothing. Take hold of your experiences and let them be your mentors of growth. Growing up, often left alone to play, I had to observe the world. I was constantly observing people, elders, other peers…

I learned from my own experiences, but also from others. I learned from my older sibling, what not to do, what to do…I learned from my parents, I learned from my teachers and mentors. I avoided the bad choices other people made. 

How about you? How has experiences in life made you stronger, wiser, smarter?