A Time To Sow

I heard God say ask people to sow in 5 (grace)If you’re able to sow $5, $50, $500 and so forth or any numbers of 5 to support this ministry or 2, (for double portion) $20, $22, $220, $200, $2000.

You can sow here-

If the Spirit leads me to prophesy I will email you back with a word. But remember I’m like Jeremiah the prophet, I deal with the hardest things and it’s not always what people want to hear.

You can of course write any prayer requests on the comment section when you send a donation. I would be happy to connect with those who receive me as a prophet and want to be blessed by being connected to me. You become family to me, not just a random donor. This means I cover you in prayer and if God beings you to mind, I’ll always deliver that word to you.

Some people are really offended and get angry when I tell them what I hear. My job is to free you, not to make you happy for the moment.

Prophetic word- double portion is coming. Your husband/wife is coming! This is the final healing!

Stand in the season I’ve given you and do not be swayed by those around you. If God has told you to rest do not be overcome by the need to hustle.

If I’ve said to go somewhere or you have a strong desire to do something, do not allow others to stop you with their logic and man’s way of thinking.

Today I was on the bus and suddenly smelled chicken that someone brought on.

I thought I’ll just go home but I got off a ways from the popcorn chicken place I went to a few days ago.

I started walking towards it – I said you know what even though it’s not the healthiest I’m going to get what I want.

When I got there there were no seats so I saw this girl and asked to sit with her. We had so much in common, acting, film, and having to give up our dreams in the past.

We ended up talking for 3 hours and I actually had a dream about the exact amount of classes and how many times she’ll take it last night, written in my dream notes.

And I also had a dream about what she went through in class.

You can have what you want. – prophetic word, God will restore all your dreams.

For those who have been waiting for your husband or wife, he/she is coming. Don’t settle for the counterfeit.

Here are some reasons to sow-

1. For breakthrough, as a sign of faith

2. It encourages me

3. It provides the finances I need to continue ministering to you and those God leads me to

4. Your giving frees people from fear, condemnation, shame and guilt

5. Brings people to Jesus!

You can sow here-

Thank you for being family!


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