My self-will is so strong, sometimes I like to speed up or control time.

So I don’t work on Sundays, but this isn’t really working. This is more like telling my readers what’s up, like talking, like morning coffee, except decaf because I don’t drink coffee anymore. No more headaches. Yep, so I hit a roadblock, I felt paralyzed and could not edit for the life of me and then all of a sudden, well, my computer started beeping and then shut down completely.

It was sign from the universe for me to stop. 

Stop, stop, stop. 

It was very frustrating because I need to get this ebook out before I leave for Europe, or do I? Well, no one is telling me to…so going back to this question “what do I really really really really really really want?” I just want to relax. I mean, just sip some tea at a cafe and observe people. Really, that’s what I really want to do. And I want to buy t-shirt material bedsheets and wear lipstick and perhaps experience some romance in my life under the eiffel tower.

So how to live when you hit a wall, let go, let be……..and perhaps after letting it go, you can allow yourself to recuperate and find that resounding voice which will help you to finish what you need to in due time….but remember, listen to your body, listen to how you feel. If you try to force yourself to create something when your body or mind is telling you no, it’s basically like being constipated and sitting on the toilet for hours.

I promised myself I would share my every thought with you as I went through this journey of time traveling to Paris. Look it hasn’t been easy, probably because of my own self-will. My self-will is so strong, sometimes I like to speed up time or control time. It’s okay to have a goal in mind, but don’t stunt the universe’s creativity by forcing it to do something you want. 

Say out loud “I want to do________” by “______” (deadline).

It might just happen in ways you can’t imagine. In addition, it might not happen but might happen in year or a few months. 

So yes, well, everything is slowly falling into place and I’m learning in this process, to pat myself on the back and “relax”. In my meditation, I heard that I would receive a large of income that I did not work for. Well, isn’t that comforting. I am happy to share once this happens. 

So when in doubt, dance- (as you can see I am in the background with a black and white shirt). I danced 3 times this week, it was phenomenal, plus I taught yoga and meditation. Getting fit through doing what you love. Easy. 



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