My Tumblr


So I started blogging more on Tumblr because it is easier to use. I got super inspired by some traveler’s blog and thought, how did I not post all my travels? Because internet was super slow in China. Also I didn’t have a computer in Europe. I was basically homeless wandering the countries.  So if you want, you can follow me on twitter or tumblr because WordPress will be my “main blog” for my fashion/art work. Thanks! 🙂

One thought on “My Tumblr

  1. Hi Rebecca 😀 Just wanted to tell you that I’ve started following you on tumblr, I’m 500daysofconsh. But if you want to follow back please follow because is just about my artwork and inspirations 🙂 The other one is more about my fandoms, which is not very interesting eheh But it’s the only that lets me follow people.
    Love xxx

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