Circus Lights- Backpacking up Alishan, Taiwan

This was filmed in Summer 2010 when I backpacked through Taiwan/Asia. In September I took the bus up to Alishan Mountain, one of the most beautiful mountains in Taiwan by myself and what occurred was a personal journey of discovery. I woke up at before 4 am to take the train and watch the sunrise.

That earth is not my home.

On my way down the mountain I wrote this.
Just watched the sunrise
Train shadows
Pictures and love
Hugs like moon and sun back to back
Help us move forward now
Lovely monopoly
This tree frolicking burns of clay
Dancing to the beam
Softly caressing
My heart
As I gaze
Nature and I, caught in an embrace
Even though I sit
The suns warm smile
Makes me blush
Alone but surrounded by ever inch of God’s love
Freedom, peace like lying down on beds
of petals and greens
Oh though they stare
I am not intimidated
My whole being glows with anticipation
I am more than a stranger
A pilgrim
I am a sojourner passing 80 or more years
On this created masterpiece
But this is not my home.

Filmed, Written, Created by Rebekka Lien

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