Like A tree, standing still. Or so they think.

As I drive, thoughts invade my mind, like aliens taking over planet earth.

It’s all a blur, but to my contacted eyes, like solution wiping all dirt.

I gotta remember this, lest I forget all the poetry I am writing in my head.

I am not a vegabond. I am not alone. Yet, thoughts that others may never understand. Or so I think.

These days….I am like a tree.

My friends talk at me, talk to me, I listen with intensity. I am soaking every word, listening listening with compassion. They can talk for hours, minutes, they swish by without notice. I listen and sit. I am bright-eyed and thinking. These days, I feel senseless and neutral. I ask engaging questions.

I am like a tree, they like cars.

As I drive in the dark, I gather that I am like a tree. The cars are driving past me, 50 miles an hour, 60, speeding at times. I look. I watch. I listen to the swooshing, the too amped up cars, the flashy ones, the beat up, they are all going somewhere. But I, I stand and grow each day. The sun is soaking into my every branch. Even though the world cannot see, this heart is expanding at 1,000 miles per hour. They are only going 60. If only they would sit still and listen too.

Talk and talk and talk. They keep talking, with no purpose, no resolution, no insight, no thought. They are saying nothing at all. And they don’t even know it. And so I sit with sympathy.

Sometimes I wonder how planet nature can preach, they are like the church because God created nature.

I see God and his character. He wants me to sit and wait, he wants me to listen, just like grass and trees.

Another day, I give shelter and resting places for birds. Though they take craps on my branches, I don’t take it personally. For I know I am a tree, not a garbage dump. I know who I am, so those things, don’t make any difference to me. Like I said, hurting people hurt people. I know, I know. So not a worry.

It’s true that everyone wants to be heard. When I was young, I was loud and hyper. I wanted to be center of attention all the time. Now that I know my true worth, I want to give someone else the center. So as they talk on, I may be bored, but I keep with purpose. Their faces and voices echo in my ears. I have nothing to prove.  I am Rebekka, just like a tree stands and grows each day. Giving shelter for those that need a place to rest. I got the sun and it’s all good.


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