If I Had Listened To the Naysayers…

If I had listened to the lies, I wouldn’t have believed that all things were possible.

I found a list of things I wrote- 5 star hotels, free travel, free hotels….and this day, I can say all those things are happening. Yes, and I get to do things I love, creative projects I am proud of. What changed for me?

I believed. 

When you pray, God does not expect you to pay. That is actually what grace means, it means it is not something you work for. Of course, you prepare yourself by being always excellent with your word (read the 4 laws of agreement (I think that’s what the book is called). This is more about being a good steward of what you’ve been given, in effect, being totally GRATEFUL for everything you have already been given – shelter, food, love, family, friends. How can God give you more when you grumble about the things He has already given you? 

Throughout the 5 years since I’ve been self employed, I’ve had to erase some beliefs I had about myself- things like “I’m worthless, I can’t, I don’t have enough money to, I’m not pretty enough”. God adjusted my worth level internally.

Once I started to let go of disappointments, bitterness, thoughts of unbelief and lack, things started happening. I also had to let go of the hustle. 

I let go of things that felt forced, like I was striving, things that pulled me down, drained me of energy, had little return in joy or investment. I let go of regrets, what I could have or should have done, I let go of the past. 

God told me to let go of the little gigs, you know the little opportunities that was not worth my time, the ones that paid little or had little exposure, you know, the ones that people think will forever give them a big break.

I let go of LITTLE THINKING people. Negative people are energy drainers. People who talked crap about me, who didn’t see my vision and said that I was just playing, just fooling around, being a bum traveling- I also refused to meet with them, because I knew they would drain my dreams.

I learned to think of abundance, I said “I am rich, I am beautiful, I am the daughter of the Great I am”. I changed my words, I no longer spoke in “I can’t, but, that’s impossible”. I no longer complained, I knew that every word I spoke was creating my world and it says “by your words you are justified”. 

I aligned myself with people believed in the truth, not “reality”, which is always just a manifestation of the past.

I forgave. I released relationships that no longer thrived. And I believed that I was worthy to receive the good God has for me. Thank you Jesus.