I 😍 Malaysia 

Because people speak mandarin and I speak mandarin, and they don’t stare at you for such a long inappropriate length of time, as the Thais and Vietnamese guys do. So uncomfortable. 

And I think I’m the only woman in this guesthouse. 

And I found Indian things everywhere, there are not many women out on the streets…more men work than women it seems. Men cook whereas in Vietnam most of the food vendors are women.

I love Malaysia because things have prices on them. 

I also am starting to love my tiny room because I’ve placed all my knick knacks on the shelf and I have the lounge room to myself. I watched fast and the furious 7 today. 

Tomorrow I am going to sell my tablet to see if I’ll get some good $ for it. 

My ebook- Www.rebekkalien.com/lovemoneywork 




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