Fishing in Beijing


This is a little boy of my friend’s friend’s brother’s son. He is adorable! And very smart…He refused to open his eyes…-.- lol.

The back is the beautiful first Beijing retirement home/condos in renovation. They are extremely beautiful but expensive.

Fish caught!!! This one was one of the smaller ones.

The crew fishing~ I fished for like 10 minutes but got bored.

Anyways, because wordpress is so slow, I’m just going to type here. It was pretty amazing visiting the Beijing National Movie Museum. I got to see some of the ways the Chinese made movies. I asked my friend why Chinese movies are all depressing, she responded “we are a nation of suffering”. It is sad. She said, “there’s nothing to show about our happiness”. Something along the lines of that. But eating with them at this retirement villa, I was amazed by everyones’ friendliness. They were definitely true Chinese, lots of chatting, talking and “face” time. This time, in a good way.

Big fish, big dinner. They seriously (the cook) cooked it in like 15 minutes. We went to the bathroom after fishing, and walked in. Like 13 dishes sprawled out on the table waiting for my hungry stomach.

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