Spicy Dishes and Renting Bikes

one of the dishes we ate today. Includes potatoe, veggies, and other spices.

I dont know why my face looks big in this pic, maybe so I can look like the picture in the back.

Or the food. But don’t worry, I’ve been biking and walking a lot, so shouldn’t be getting fatso.

On another note, being in a long distance relationship really makes “perfect love casts out all fear” seem well clear. In a way, it’s all a leap of faith, trusting Father to do the work. Communication is key, long distance has made me literally find ALL the ways I can communicate. Skype, gchat, Gmail SMS, Yahoo chat/SMS, phone cards, phone SIM cards, texting to email, etc.

June 30,2010

I took an hour to explore the campus of Tsinghua on my bike. Several things I noticed while on the road were that Beijing people are very peaceful; despite the honking of horns, loud shouting, and mean-spirited bargaining, Beijing people are very peaceful. This is what I gained from my time observing the people.

I picked up a green tea red bean ice cream and started eating away. The building I was outside of was dilapidated and old. Crumbs and dilapidation were falling off from the walls. Clothes were hanging outside, drying. I heard violin sounds from inside one of the rooms, it was played with ferocious tenacity. I proposed in my mind that this person, a male or female could one day be famous. The skills were undeniable.

I haven’t yet built any relationships with a Beijing student, but I look forward to meeting them. Personally, I have one Beijing friend in Los Angeles. The way she is, hard-working, fast, and smart, is the way of Beijing folks are too. It’s interesting how I observed that.

I have yet to answer the why’s, but at this moment I just want to reflect on my time spent here so far.

One thing I noticed, as I spend every single waking hour with teammates from America is how loud we are. Also, as I spend time talking with my teammates, I long for solitude. I suspect maybe solitude and alone time is not in our American vocabulary, but throughout my years growing up, I have longed for and spent many hours in solitude, journaling and reflecting on my thoughts.

I find myself, in every break, walking away to nature and finding relief in G’s presence. Not that the crowds and people aren’t part of G’s creation, but it seems better to find peace in hearing G through nature and, well solitude.

I look forward to finding the stillness in my soul through reflection.

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